ELA may refer to:





  • E.L.A., an album by Elastinen
  • "Ela" (song), 2015 song by Barrice at the Greek selection process for Eurovision 2015
  • "Ela Ela (Come Baby)", "Ela Ela" in Greek, song by Constantinos Christoforou representing Cyprus in Eurovision 2005


  • English Language Academy, part of the University of Auckland, New Zealand
  • Euskal Langileen Alkartasuna, a Basque trade union
  • English Lacrosse Association, the governing body for lacrosse in England
  • Epanastatikos Laikos Agonas, see Revolutionary Nuclei
  • Exit Left Apparel, a clothing business from England
  • Emotion Literacy Advocates, a U.S. non-profit organization
  • European Latvian Association
  • Englewood Leadership Academy
  • East London Advertiser, a newspaper established in 1866, covering the East End of London
  • Engineering Leadership Award, a Royal Academy of Engineering award for outstanding British engineering students
  • Equilibrium line altitude, see snow line
  • English Language Amendment, an amendment to the United States Constitution proposed in 1981
  • English Language Arts, an elementary, middle or high school class where children learn literature and writing skills.
  • ELA, acronym for Elektroakustik Lautsprecher Anlagen (German) a low-fi European public address system which can use long wires, German origin
  • ELA, short for Experience Level Agreement.
  • Emergency Liquidity Assistance
  • Enterprise License Agreement, as opposed to per-user or per-CPU software licenses