Elaine Tarantin O'Brien, MAPP

Elaine is a doctoral teaching fellow at Temple University, and one of the first 100 globally to receive a Univ. of Pennsylvania MAPP: Masters of Applied Positive Psychology degree in 2008. An author and international presenter, Elaine designs & leads multi-genre, multi-level, (often intergeneration) group dance fitness programs. Elaine offers her signature Positive Energy Psychology: PEP Breaks for special occasions and meetings. An educator and consultant, Elaine encourages people to move well, often and to care for themselves and others. Elaine blends art and science, lifestyle medicine, movement and positive psychology, with a lens on performance, harnessing strengths, creating vitality, compassion and positive well-being in the world. Elaine embraces an appreciative leadership style, joy, and a passion for helping people via interventions with sustainability in heart, body and mind. Elaine won a 2012 IDEA Inspiration Award for her tenure as an IDEA member. To learn more, reach Elaine at Elaine.OBrien@Temple.edu. [1]