The Elan Black Magic makes a great ski for the beginner who will progress quickly or the solid intermediate looking for a lightweight and forgiving ski. Made with Elan's Waveflex Technology the Black Magic has waves in the mid body of the ski that give it an easy longitudinal flex for easy steering, while the waves strengthen the torsional strength of the ski and make it lighter. A SupraLite Monoblock Core has extra layers of fiberglass to give it a flex that is easy to control, lightweight and stable. The Black Magic has Early Rise Rocker in the tip to initiate turns quicker and easier while the camber underfoot will improve your grip on the snow, and provide you with a mellow amount of rebound. If you want a ski that will be light on your feet and easy to control, the Elan Black Magic is the dark spell that you can place over yourself for better skiing. [+]