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Elan SLX WaveFlex Race Skis

The Elan SLX WaveFlex is a great race ski or high powered carving ski for the high school racer or beer league all-star who likes a tight turn radius, and precision with every turn. A WaveFlex Zone has waves along the mid-body of the ski that gives it a smooth and easy longitudinal flex, while maintaining a stiff torsional flex so you have a ski that will hook up to turn quickly, and give you power behind every turn. The Response Frame Wood Core is laminated tip to tail giving you direct power transmission, and optimal torsional stability, due to the combination of a hardwood frame around a softer wood center. The Dual Ti laminate gives you powerful edge grip, especially on firm snow. A carbon layer is lightweight and strong, and adds reinforcement to the ski for spring and pop, for quicker edging. If you are looking for a non-FIS slalom ski the Elan SLX WaveFlex will power you to the finish line. [+]