The Elan Snow QT is a great option for the true beginner that wants a lightweight and forgiving ski that will allow you to progress quickly. The Snow QT also makes a perfect ski for the young lady who has out grown junior skis and is ready for her first set of adult skis. Elan's Early Rise Rocker Profile has a rockered tip that will give you an easy turn initiation when you tip the skis on edge, or if you still snowplow tip rocker will give you more control. The Snow QT has a Full Power Cap Construction with a Monolite/Fiberglass care that is nice and forgiving to allow you to skid turns easily, or not fatigue you too quickly so you can enjoy your day on the slopes longer. If you are new to skiing and are looking for a ski that will be forgiving and have you schussing down the mountain in no time, the Elan Snow QT is a great option. [+]