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Elisabeth Taylor Music

Elisabeth Taylor (was born Elisabeth Taylor Boone) in Fort Worth, Texas in 1996-only 17 years ago. She intrigued her mother by being able to hold a tune even at age 3, singing along to painfully repetitive tunes like the ones on Barney, Teletubbies, and Dora the Explorer. Thank God she got older and gave us, her faithful fans, some idols that would NOT get old in our ears like Sean McConnell, Anna Nalick, and Jewel. Elisabeth has been compared to all three of these artists, with powerful vocals that resemble a small melodic explosion that bystanders cannot help but turn and take notice of. She comes from a growing suburb South of FW, and is surrounded by up and coming TX Country artists that give her hope that you don’t have to live in Nashville to gain popularity and a fan base, if the music you play is what people love to hear. Elisabeth was raised in a loving home by her mother, and her older sister was close by at all times…and the three of them often write together as a team, even though all three admit that Elisabeth is the only vocal and musical talent; their input is solely lyrical. While she hasn’t had a lot of life experiences yet to share with us through pen and paper, she says that she’s always been the friend that is the “listener”, so some of her music is written from other people’s trials and tribulations. She plays an acoustic guitar and sings around town quite a bit, as much as a senior in high school can, and has about 35-40 cover songs she belts, along with her originals. Elisabeth has a sweet, down to earth, and hugely magnetic persona, in a tiny 5’ frame that draws you to her and her smile. Her resonating sound makes you eager to hear the story that comes with the next song in the lineup, while creating chills up and down your arms. She has had the opportunity to record a 4 song sample CD in June of 2012 and recorded her first self titled EP in the Sept of 2013. You can find her music on iTunes ad many other sites. To book Elisabeth, you can email her at elisabethtaylormusic@gmail.com or call 817-929-8117. [+]