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    James Matthews

    James Matthews is a Partner at , a London hedge fund that he founded over 10 years ago. He is a graduate of the prestigious . James is the fiancee of , sister of , Dutchess of Cambridge. 


    James and Pippa first started seeing each other in late¬†2012¬†but ended their romance shortly after.‚ÄČ They rekindled their relationship in January of 2016‚ÄČ and¬†engaged July 17th, 2016.‚ÄČ

    James is a dedicated athlete. He and Pippa competed in the 47 mile Otillo¬†Swim-run in Sweeden.¬†James enjoys cross-country skiing.‚ÄČ

    His younger sibling is¬†, who costarred in the hit British reality show ¬†and had a stint on ¬†‚ÄČ

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