Emily Lorandeau

I knew I wanted to work with the human body when I was 16 years old in my first human anatomy and physiology class in high school. While attending Quinnipiac University studying as an Athletic Training/Sports Medicine major, I realized how much I loved personal training so I stuck with it! I have now been personal training for over 10 years and have loved every minute of it! I have had the chance to work with some amazing people with whom I have been by their side when they hit their 60-lb weight loss goal, confidently slip into their slim-fitting wedding dress, finish their first race and lift triple the amount of weight from when they first started training. Some of the most memorable moments for me have been when a client tells me that they gardened all weekend and their back didn't bother them once, their Dr. officially cut their blood pressure medicine dose in 1/2 and when a client tells me how much they were looking forward to the session and seeing me that day! Personal Training is one of the most rewarding careers one could be a professional in and I am grateful that I have had the opportunity to have affected so many people and changed so many lives for the better! If you are a client of mine (present or past), let me just say thank you for entrusting me with helping you get to your fitness goals. Stay consistent with your workouts and make smart decisions when it comes to nutrition. If you are someone who feels a little lost when it comes to exercise, has a big weight loss goal ahead of you or just need some extra motivation and variety, let me help you! workoutwithemily.com [1]