From the right, Eric can be seen attacking someone with a bike lock.

Eric Clanton (born August 27, 1988) is an American adjunct lecturer of philosophy at Diablo Valley College.[5] He was involved in the April 2017 Rally Violence at Berkeley with Antifa where he assaulted people with a bike lock.[18] He hails from Bakersfield, California.[48]


OkCupid Profile

On his OkCupid profile, he is interested in "precipitating the end of civil society" and that he spends a lot of time thinking about revolution. Several things he cannot leave his house without are his bike, zebra pen and notepad, and

Clanton hitting Sean Stiles over on the head with a bike lock

a sturdy pair of shoes.[33]


Berkeley Violence and 4chan Investigation

On April 17, 2017 several threads started to appear on 4chan after the Berkeley protests that attempted to identify a man who was assaulting Trump supporters with a bike lock. Although first documented during the Milo Yiannopolos riots, it was during the April 2017 Rally Violence at Berkeley that a man with a bike lock was recorded assaulting people multiple times with his weapon.[28] [49]  One person who was attacked, Sean Stiles, can be seen getting hit over the head by Eric; he was later left bloody and required medical attention.[57][35] Using picture and video evidence gathered across the internet, anons ultimately discovered that it was Eric Clanton two days later.[18] [46] [45] [44] [43] [34] [49]


Eric Clanton on OkCupid

They used multiple objects to identify Eric including the pattern of his veins on his forearm, a zebra pen in his back pocket, the Levi jeans he was wearing, and his boots.[31] [30] [32] Furthermore, anons used Starbucks cups to determine his height which was really dumb, he is actually closer to 5'8''.


Aftermath of Identification

Since Clanton was identified by 4chan anons, multiple calls have for him to be arrested have been expressed by users of FacebookReddit, etc. His Amazon account was subsequently hacked and someone ordered 14 bike locks to his address.[5f5] [56]

Police Investigation

On April 23rd Berkeley Police Department confirmed they have launched an investigation into Eric Clanton and the alleged assault against a Trump supporter at the protest. [63]  Timothy Leong, Contra Costa Community College District l director of communications and community relations said "We are working with Berkeley Police Department, who is the lead on the investigation of the recent altercations that occurred in their city.”



Eric Clanton has been on the run from the VIOLENT.SOLUTIONS project (run by DARKTRIADMAN) – and from those who are watching and providing reports to them on his movements. His last sighting was in Santa Cruz on 11:00am on Sunday, April 23rd[66] . In addition to the solicitation of legal advice on his behalf at Reddit (“for a friend”) it now appears that a GoFundMe page has been created for him, so far with no donations.[64]

GoFundMe set up for Eric with no donations

Academic Career

Eric earned a degree in philosophy in undergrad at California State University, Bakersfield and his Masters in Philosophy at San Francisco State University.[5] As a teaching assistant at San Francisco State, he presented a paper called "A Feminist Critique of Human Nature Essentialism."[2]


Currently a faculty member at Diablo Valley College, Eric is exploring the study of restorative justice from an anti-authoritarian perspective.[52] His research focuses on Mass incarceration and the prison system as well as ethics and politics.[52] Eric's official website has a full summary of his research.[19] As of April 22, 2017, Eric is not currently teaching at DVC.[61]


Association with Sam Badger

On a syllabus for an Islamic Political Philosophy class taught by Dr. Mohammad Azadpur, the teaching assistant Sam Badger used the email, leading many to suspect that Eric used Sam Badger as an alias.[23] San Badger happens to be a friend of his; his social media posts show that he is sympathetic towards Communism and Antifa.[38] [41] [40]



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