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Esteban Santiago Ruiz

Esteban Santiago Ruiz (born 1990) is an Anchorage, Alaska resident known for his role as a gunman killing five people in the Ft. Lauderdale Airport Shooting that took place on January 6, 2017.[1][2]  He had served in the Army and done a tour of duty in Iraq. [41]

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Ruiz was born in New Jersey, but moved to Penuela, Puerto Rico to live with his brother and mother shortly thereafter.[29]  He moved to Alaska in 2015 years ago for work, and had been employed as a security guard.[29] He was "fighting with a lot of people" during his time in Alaska, including his girlfriend, whom he was once arrested for choking.[29] At the time of the shooting, he was receiving mental help for his Depression[26]


He is reportedly a Sunni Muslim with Salafi beliefs, and he is a father of one. His child was born several months before the attack.[26]


He served in the Puerto Rico National Guard  for six years. He also signed up for the Army National Guard as a combat engineer and served a year in Iraq. Reports indicate he had a history of mental health issues.[32] In November 2016, he walked into Federal Bureau of Investigation office in Anchorage, claiming he was fighing for ISIS.[35] He said that voices inside his head had told him to join the Islamic State. [41]

First shots fired
First shots fired

Criminal Record [32]

He was accused of breaking down a bathroom door and assaulting his, as yet unidentified, girlfriend. He was entered into a diversion program. There have also been reports of a child porn investigation that was dropped for lack of evidence. [41]

February 2015: Eviction for nonpayment of rent.

January 2016: Fourth-degree assault and damage of property, from a domestic violence incident. Santiago settled the charges


On January 6, 2017 Esteban Santiago killed 5 people and injured many more in the Ft. Lauderdale Airport Shooting[3] His name was released by Senator Bill Nelson on MSNBC[3]  He was carrying a military ID.[3]


A victim bleeding profusely
A victim bleeding profusely

Santiago took Delta Airlines flight no. 1088 from Anchorage to Minneapolis - Saint Paul Thursday night. He landed Friday morning, and then took Delta flight no. 2182 from Minneapolis-St. Paul to Fort Lauderdale. He then appeared in the Terminal 2 baggage claim area wearing a Star Wars shirt.[22] [3] Witnesses say he appeared to randomly target his victims during the shooting spree which has left at at least five people dead and many more injured. [3] He was apprehended by authorities when he stopped shooting to reload, witnesses said. [3]


He had a concealed carry permit for his handgun and was known to the Federal Bureau of Investigation[3]