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Evan Russell Saffer

“Schizophrenic good and evil, rock opera that makes you dance; moves like Niagara Falls, both flowing and flying”

Schizo/Rock Opera/Hobo-chic

Evan Russell Saffer’s debut solo album Neon Gas chronicles the mind of the everyday maniac. He’s got a prism of human psyche that tells a story, weaves you through the spiderwebs in his brain and on the tip of his tongue you’ll find a shining key to the other side. Part tongue in cheek bittersweet humor, part matter of fact social circumstance, part lover, part dreamer, put in the rock opera blender and hit crush ice. “Neon gas is a substance that when you heat it up the molecules collide so rapidly they create a brilliant, sexy and electrified glow…..and if you inhale it, it’s deadly.” ~Evan Russell Saffer [+]