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Everipedia 30 Under 30 (2017)

Everipedia has chosen 30 under 30 entrepreneurs globally that are massively disrupting the entrepreneurship world, you can learn all about them from their wikis and personal profiles, from impressive entrepreneurs to impressive people; in 2017 they're who you should look out for. Also, none of them are on Wikipedia[2]


1. April Koh, Co-founder of Spring
3. Brandon Foo, CEO of Polymail
5. Iman Chenonceau, Couturier
7. Brandon Farbstein, Motivational + TED Speaker
8. Nupur Mehta, Founder of RigPlenish
10. Arshdeep Bhardwaj, Former Founder of Stannals
11. Spencer Porter, Co-Founder and CEO of HustleTime
12. Case Kenny, Founder of PRSUIT
13. Casper Daugaard & Aly Moore, Founders of Spylight
14. Katia Ameri, Founder of Spice Labs
16. Stephen Kuhl, Co-Founder of Burrow (Furniture)
17. Sabba Rahbar, Managing Editor of Cooking Panda
19. Felix Hartmann, CEO of FundThis
20. Maurício Galdi, Actor / "Human Ken Doll"
21. Pardes Seleh, Staff Writer for The Daily Wire and Red Alert Politics 
24. Justin Waldron, Founder of Zynga
25. Alex Sicart Ramos, Co-founder of Sharge
26. Kohler Bruno, Writer
27. Jake Rockland, Co-Founder of Somatic Labs
28. Benny Luo, CEO of Nextshark
29. Keith Yoder, Founder of BoxCamp
30. Sajan Sanghvi, CEO of Sylo and Founder of No Suits