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What is Everipedia?

Everipedia is a knowledge aggregator and knowledge base. We think it's much easier to edit than Wikipedia. Anyone can create a page about any person, place, organization, or thing and populate it with relevant reference links/sources. The only main rules of EP are: Information on the page must always be cited and the article must be in a neutral point of view. Check out the actual entry for Everipedia.. on Everipedia.

Why should I sign up?

Because it’s fun and easy! We thought contributing to large knowledge projects shouldn't require high barriers to entry so we made Everipedia very easy to navigate, edit, and get started. Editors gain more privileges as they accumulate IQ and rise through the ranks. Top site-wide editors are displayed on the front page. Top editors for each page are also displayed.

So how is Everipedia different from Wikipedia and similar sites?

Editing on Everipedia is graphic and modern, talk pages are designed as discussion threads, celebrities have verified accounts, and anyone can make pages about anything as long as they are properly cited. Every page from Wikipedia is already here on Everipedia to build on top of and improve. All this makes EP the biggest knowledge project ever!

Is Everipedia free?

All information found on Everipedia is freely available for anyone to use and access. All we ask is a link back to the source Everipedia page for attribution purposes. The information on this encyclopedia is meant to be free to all. We will never charge for or withhold any of the information on this website. We just ask that you do not throttle the site and programmatically harvest information that would dramatically affect our servers.


Content found on Everipedia is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply. As a user you may modify, copy, frame, rent, lease, loan, sell, distribute or create derivative works from content found on


For more information on the terms of reuse of content found on Everipedia please reference the Creative Commons documentation:


Can I make another page for something that already has an Everipedia page?

No. Anything can have a page on Everipedia, but each thing must have only one article. For example, there can only be one page for Barack Obama. If you see a duplicate page of the exact same topic, use the merge page feature to combine pages of the same thing or message a Master Editor to merge them.[1]


What should I title my page? 

The title of a page should be the most common name of the person, place, or thing the page is about. For example, the page for the American Rapper Tyga is titled Tyga and not Michael Ray Stevenson because more people know him by the name Tyga. His legal name is only of secondary importance. The page for lima Beans is titled Lima Beans and not Phaseolus lunatus because more people know the subject by the former and not the latter. 


You can also place a descriptor or alternate name after the main title in parenthesis, but it is optional. Ex: Paul Graham (computer programmer) or Paul Graham (bodybuilder).


What should I caption my pictures, videos, sources, and media? 

When you upload an image, video, GIF, audio, linked source, or other document to an Everipedia page, make sure to add brief historical, contextual, and follow-up information about the addition. Avoid redundant, short, or uninformative captions.