FairwayPro Ultimate Divot Simulator

The FairwayPro Ultimate Divot Simulator is an innovative golf mat system with a patented mechanism that allows it to react when it's impacted by a golf club, just like real grass does. The design includes a sliding turf surface that allows golfers to hit down-and-through and compress the ball, accurately simulating ball flight and the feel of carving out a divot after striking the ball. Moreover, FairwayPro provides the most forgiving turf surface and significantly reduces the shock and potential for injury that golfers experience with fat shots on conventional mats. FairwayPro gives true feedback on your golf shots. With conventional mats, when you hit behind the ball, the club head may still bounce off the hard surface and slide into the ball, and the ball takes off as if you've executed a good hit, so you don't get correct feedback on a fat shot from ball flight. With FairwayPro, you'll know if you've hit a fat shot because the impact will cause the turf surface to start sliding forward, and the club head will hit the ball with much less force. The result is you get true feedback on a fat shot from the loss of distance, not from the shock to your body. FairwayPro is ideal for short game practice, including punch and flop shots. The FairwayPro is designed to be placed alongside s stance mat, which keeps the golfer's stance level with the hitting surface. The height profile of the unit makes it compatible with most conventional practice mats. In use, the panel is slid under the stance mat to provide added stability. In terms of product construction, FairwayPro is made of the finest materials, including German-made, stainless-steel springs that are rated for one-million cycles. The handle and panel assembly is reversible for left-handed golfers. The premium turf holds a regular tee and is replaceable. [+]