Anthony Volodkin

Anthony Volodkin is the Founder of Hype Machine. Anthony graduated from Hunter College in 2007, he was studying computer science on a full scholarship.


Early Life and Career

Volodkin's parents emigrated from Moscow, Russia to Brooklyn's Sheepshead Bay when he was 12, and he had been working the same part-time IT consulting job since high school. During his college years Anthony would travel to Philadelphia and Boston to see bands like Arcade FireExplosions in the Sky, and MINDLESS SELF INDULGENCE. He became obsessed with finding new music and grew frustrated with the music blogs available at the time so he created the first version of Hype Machine, which aggregates 1,500 different music blogs. [1]  He would begin building the site in between classes and going to see shows. After some time, Anthony sent his site to some professionals in the online music space and Hype Machine took off from there. 


Growth of Hype Machine 

As the site evolved, Volodkin incorporated social networking features that let members "follow" other blogs or users whose taste they like. Hype Machine's traffic has grown steadily since its launch in 2005. It has been profiled by CNN, Wired, and The Guardian.[2][3]  It was named to The Guardian's list of 100 essential websites of 2009, one of four music-oriented sites to receive mention.[3]  Fred Wilson called the site "the best thing to happen to music since the Rolling Stones" and the "Technorati for music".[2]  Gawker Media founder Nick Denton called the site "the future of all media".[2]