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    Federico Guevara Elizondo

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    Federico Guevara Elizondo was a student at , a private bilingual school south of .¬†‚ÄȬ†‚ÄČ


    Personal Life

    He was a member of a secret¬†¬†group known as Legi√≥n Holk, which promotes violence and¬†¬†among the members.¬†‚ÄȬ†‚ÄČ


    At the time of his death, he was being treated for¬†.¬†‚ÄČ On his¬†¬†account he would post about the¬†.¬†‚ÄČ


    Pictured on his 

    School Shooting

    On January 18, 2017, at approximately 8:00 a.m., Federico took a ¬†firearm and fired at close range at three of his classmates and his teacher, .¬†‚ÄȬ†


    He then reloaded the weapon using cartridges from a box, shooting himself in an act of ¬†on the chin.¬†‚ÄȬ†

    Federico died in a hospital later.¬†‚ÄȬ†

    Planned Attack

    Prior to the shooting, Federico was planning the incident with others in a secret¬†¬†group called Legi√≥n Holk. On the night before the shooting, he posted on his ¬†personal account that he would commit a shooting at his school.¬†‚ÄȬ†‚ÄČ


    He also posted on¬†.¬†‚ÄČShortly after the shooting, Legi√≥n Holk celebrated the attack on¬†.¬†‚ÄČ


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