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Female Authors Hardback Collection - 3 Books (book)


A superb collection of three hardback fiction titles from some brilliant female authors. These three top quality hardback titles have been shrinkwrapped as a set. Wish I May: Kate Linden is a 35 year old single mother, who dreams of a rosy future with a dream man who will love both her and her son Sam. As she returns to Norfolk for a family weekend, Kate is drawn back into the mysteries that haunt her. Justine Picardie writes with a clear, beautiful voice about family intrigues and intricacies, and the struggle to make sense of our place inside them, as well as the outside world. Sun at Midnight: An epic love story and adventure set against the harsh, beautiful background of Antarctica. Alice is a scientist: she relies on method, precision, proof. But when her relationship with Oxford artist Peter Brown collapses spectacularly, she is forced to evaluate her own life for the first time. In her thirties, childless, tied to Oxford by her work, it is time to break away. Light On Snow: The events of a December afternoon on which a father and his daughter find an abandoned infant in the snow will forever alter eleven-year-old Nicky Dillon's understanding of the world which she is about to enter and the adults who inhabit it. Written from the point of view of thirty-year-old Nicky as she recalls the vivid images of that fateful December, hers is a tale of love and courage, of tragedy and redemption, and of the ways in which the human heart always seeks to heal itself. [1]