Fenn typically appears as a surname. Occasionally it appears as a middle name, pen name or name of a fictional character.

Notable people with surname Fenn

born in China
born in the United Kingdom
born in the United States

Fictional characters

In the case of the character Fenn Shysa (Star Wars universe), 'Fenn' is used as a given name.

Fenn is a female character in Wilbur Smith's novel The Quest. In the book he indicates that the name Fenn means Moon Fish.

Use as a middle name

Fenn has been used as a middle name in cases not directly attributable to retention of a maiden name, such as in the case of the English-Australian soldier Anthony Fenn Kemp (1773–1868).

Use as a pseudonym or pen name

Fenn has occasionally been used as a pen name, such as in the case of American writer Charles L. Grant (1942–2006) who wrote under the name "Lionel Fenn" among others.

Other Uses