Fergie is a short form of the name Ferguson; and may refer to:


  • Fergie (singer) (Stacy Ann Ferguson, born 1975), American singer-songwriter, television host and actress; member of the group The Black Eyed Peas
  • Sir Alex Ferguson (born 1941), Scottish former football manager of Manchester United F.C.
  • Barry Ferguson (born 1978), Scottish football player
  • Darren Ferguson, Scottish football manager and former player, son of Alex Ferguson.
  • Fergie Frederiksen, an American singer occasionally credited as just "Fergie"
  • Ferguson Jenkins (born 1942), Canadian former baseball player
  • Fergie MacDonald (born c. 1940s), Scottish ceilidh dance band leader
  • Fergie Olver, Canadian game show host and sportscaster
  • Fergie (DJ) (Robert Ferguson, born 1979), Irish DJ and former radio presenter
  • Sarah, Duchess of York (Sarah Ferguson, born 1959), former wife of Prince Andrew, Duke of York also known as Fergie