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Five Eyes Wide

Emerging out of Houston, Texas, Five Eyes Wide is a band that is primed to be downright monstrous. Armed with a dizzying array of guitars, Stan West and Mike MacSherry make for an impressive tag team. With switchblade like leads and ferocious rhythms, the duo operates like a well oiled machine. The backbone of the band consist of Chubbs Malone on drums and Alan O'bar on bass. With head crushing beats, hypnotizing grooves and a thunderous low end, the rhythm section packs a viscous gut punch. Lastly, Chris Conley demands the attention of every crowd. The Front Man can go from angelic melodies to a absolute brutal scream at the drop of a dime. Five Eyes Wide contains all the pieces to evolve into an unstoppable force in which takes America, if not the world by storm. [+]