Five Star No. 500 · 6 × 50

With a solid 6 x 50 size that shows off the natural Connecticut wrapper leaf's sheen, the Five Star No. 500 holds its own among far pricier premium Dominican handmade cigar brands!Made in the very same factory that produces some of the cigar world's most beloved Dominican smokes, the popular Five Star brand of premium handmade cigars features an uncomplicated top-quality blend of Dominican long-filler leaf surrounded by a light-brown natural wrapper with a sleek gleam. With a mild-bodied strength profile and packed in budget-savvy bundles of 20 cigars, the natural-wrapped Five Star No. 500 is creamy, mellow, relaxing, rewarding...and a mouthwateringly money-saving selection when shopping to buy smooth, stocky, simple, and satisfying premium handmade cigars online. [+]