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Flow Helios Focus Boa Snowboard Boots

The Flow Helios Focus Boa Snowboard Boots are the epitome of performance and comfort. These boots are simply awesome. The liner itself provides everything from super cozy comfort to odor-controlling treatment. The Moisture Wicking Liner will help remove the sweat from your feet so that you remain warm and dry throughout the day. With an Antimicrobial Coating, you can expect to pull your boots off at the end of the day without getting hit with the smell of funky smelling toes. The 3 Feather Liner molds to your foot for the ultimate customized fit and boasts a Ripper Lacing Harness which improves both the overall comfort and heel hold. The FlyWeight Kush Outsole has rubber pads to provide lots of traction and helps avoid the wear and tear of the boot. If you want a boot designed to work as hard as you do on the mountain then you'll want the high-performance, comfortable and versatile Flow Helios Focus Boa Snowboard Boots. [+]