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What is the definition of Hip-Hop? A voided answer yet to be revisited until now. FLUX180, created in 2007, is a vision presented to lyricist Carey “Bamboo” Boyd during his everyday struggle of trying to sustain during economic hardship in hard-hit DC.

Visually illustrated on a wall, he saw a vision of himself with a charismatic group of individuals on a galactic stage that continued to rise into the unknown AND change the minds of the hypnotized lovers of the now auto tuned "Hip-Hop". Their main objective is to focus on creating Futuristic Lyrics Unique to Xenoglossics, the true prophetic thinkers and common believers in a message that speaks pass the materialistic gains of today’s lost souls. Motivated by the revelation, he then moved to pull together six of the DMVs recognized musicians to form a band focused on revitalizing and combining the finesse, fearlessness, and funk of Hip-Hop, Rock, and Soul music.

The vein of artists such as Parliament Funkadelic, The Roots, and Red Hot Chili Peppers influences the heart of their music. With a rock foundation, grungy soul, and Hip–Hop ego, this band from DC will transform the norm to become the obsolete. With real life lyrics and exclusive musical composition, FLUX180 is a band with an eloquent resonance dedicated to saving and uplifting the people one lyric, one melody, one beat, and one song at a time.