Forest City Brewery

Four guys who love great beer. We want to share our love for great beer with you! We are just four regular guys starting a local business. Our concept is simple: Rebuild an old Cleveland brewery on the grounds of one of Cleveland's oldest beer gardens in Duck Island, a part of Cleveland's Brewery District. The brewery will include a brewpub, located in a timber frame warehouse, built in 1915 on the site of the Silberg Brothers Beer Garden (1880-1900). Part of the beer garden area still exists, so we will also rebuild the beer garden. The beer hall, beer garden & brewery will feel like you are walking into a 19th Century brewery. The original Forest City Brewery operated from 1839-1880 at the location where the Hard Rock Café in Cleveland now resides. The new version will have the look and feel of the old version, with solid oak, turn of the century ice boxes, a bar made from architectural salvaged timber and beer hall tables made from salvaged wood from one of the homes (built in 1880) on the property slated for demolition. [+]