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Foundry Elements Plutonium Yellow · 5 × 50

One of four different Plutonium styles within the Foundry Elements selection of limited-edition handmade premium cigars, the 5 x 50 Foundry Elements Plutonium Yellow is stocky and satisfying experiment of the always-imaginative Michael Giannini and his team of talented torcedores at the famed Foundry factory...where they've got creative tobacco craftsmanship down to a science.Available in limited quantities only right here at JR, the Foundry Elements Plutonium Yellow handmade premium cigar features a top-secret blend of top-quality tobacco and is finished with a smooth, sleek wrapper leaf of a deep, rich brown. Packed in unique boxes of 25 cigars, the Foundry Elements Plutonium Yellow, exclusively available at JR, offers an excellent chance to turn your humidor into a periodic table of premium tobacco when buying handmade cigars online! [+]