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Frank Cornelissen Munjebel Cs #9

"A blend of various vineyards (contradas) as well as various vintages, as expressed through a selection of only our precious ripe Nerello Mascalese. Our Mongibello expresses the lost traditions of blending particular vineyards for the making of the once reputed Etna Rosso." -Winery "This pure Nerello Mascalese comes from his ungrafted cru Chiusa Spagnola, situated lower in the valley floor and a bit hidden (like a treasure!). A unique vineyard due to the fact of being ungrafted at a lower altitude (620 meters) and the extreme rocky site which is surrounded by pure volcanic rocks. Frank Cornelissen is the owner of 12 hectares of vines rather high up on Mount Etna. Uniquely, he has been involved in wine his entire life. As the son of a wine broker in Belgium, he had the opportunity to be immersed in wine on a professional level from a very young age. Frank went on to produce his first wine in 2001 when he started with only 1.5 hectares of vines. Frank is obsessive over details in an effort to make wines that truly express terroir with perspective. He is a meticulous vineyard worker and keeps an extremely clean and organized cellar. The evolution in his wines are intriguing as well. Earlier vintages were linear, angular, precise, and full of minerality. He has often said that in the early days his goal was to create liquid stone. His wines have softened with time now striking balance between fruit and dynamic minerality. While there are are many important details in his winemaking method, the key is in the vineyards. Frank is not Sicilian, so choosing Mount Etna was deliberate. The main reason to choose Etna was for its unique volcanic soil that have an immutable voice. This in tandem with Etna’s primary varietal Nerello Mascalese, he believed he could make a wine of great complexity and distiction. He has described Nerello be somewhere between Pinot Noir and Nebbiolo. Frank’s best wines have the dry and sharp tannins you find in great nebbiolo, but with the lusher fruits of Pinot Noir." - Importer [+]