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Frank Porter

Frank Porter released an all acoustic album on 10/28/2012 called, "Who I Am." It is available on iTunes and Amazon among other locations. In 2013 Frank's album got picked up by Tate Music Group. You can learn more by visiting:

Frank did an podcast interview with Matt Kacar who is sponsored by Amazon and distributed through iTunes. Matt loves the new CD and his favorite song is Who I Am. You should listen to it and see what your favorite song is.

Frank also has a rock band called, "Frank Porter's Problem Children." These two acts are related but not the same act. They both do some of the same songs each in their own way. Frank is booking the ongoing "Who I Am" 2015 tour now.

Frank's original music is influenced by the 70's rock music but there's more to it. There's blues. blues rock, folk, a little classical and other styles as well... but rock is the base on which the songs are built. Frank is a performing songwriter. He is a self proclaimed late bloomer. He feels he is just getting started and if the new Album/CD is any indication he is on the right track. Whether the world will find "Who I Am" in the ocean of music out there is another question only time can answer. [+]