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French Touch: Sativa Des Rois

Our Sativa After a lengthy selection of AK47. We sought to combine the characteristics of the AK47 sativa that pleased us both with a relatively early flowering up to 65 days indoors, making it accessible to the less experienced growers. Will delight even the most expert of its high THC content and will not regret their care for this noble lady ... Proponents of cloning will be delighted by its small size and ideal compacticité to produce large quantities of cuttings. Outdoors Madame does not like moisture because it produces large compact buds for a sativa!. If you are in a wetland select from a well ventilated if possible and do not hesitate to 'open' your plant to the sun (in the north west for example ...) area. Ready to harvest in mid-October, sativa Kings © spoil you a flavour of Skunk we have almost forgotten. [+]