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Friends From Earth

We are Friends From Earth. Our mission is to use rhythms with strong melodies and perfect harmonies to conduct communications with extra terrestrial beings. The performance of Friends From Earth is both audio and visual as they attempt to contact other worldly beings with sonic appeal. They use the latest technologies such as samplers, drum machines, synthesizers, video projection and communication satellite-dishes (CSD). Along with other devices, they create an idiosyncratic audio-visual sensory perception.

Band members, Alex Brown and Joey Vagus, collaborate to create unique beats and samples for the live performance they originate. Alex sings, writes music and creates samples. Joey mixes and produces music and videos. Together they fabricate a unique electronic sound and riveting visual. With Alex's background in musical performance and Joey's background in music production, they capture a powerful combination of original music.

The live show is video-based with no stops, ever. The performances are a lot like a DJ set. The music is electronic but more in the area of college alternative with hints of pop, EDM (of course) and always experimental. No two performances are the same. Alex and Joey's talent, along with their experience and creativity, make them an amazing duo performing unique experimental electronica. [+]