Full Tilt B & E LTD Ski Boots 2016

The Full Tilt B&E Pro Model is the signature boot for high flying pros like Henrik Harlaut. The new FTE Evolution shell has a slightly wider fit to now fit a wider range of skiers with a 102mm last. A 45 Degree Heel Lock Buckle will keep your foot and heel locked down, and a Shock Absorbing Bootboard is made from a soft rubber layer that will cushion the blow when you stomp a big trick. The B&E boasts the Intuition Pro Liner with a full Powerwrap that can mold to your feet either through body heat and use, or through a ski shop with a special oven that can heat it up to accelerate the molding process. If you are ready to attempt to ski like the poster boy of radical freestyle skiing, the Full Tilt B&E is a great way to start. [+]