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Gaba do Xil 2013 Godello Spain

The 2013 Gaba do Xil is a white wine produced from 100% Godello in the northern Valdeorras region of Spain. Here, winemaker Telmo Rodriguez selected a vineyard named La Falcoeira that was located in the town of Santa Cruz. It is an ancient vineyard planted with a mixture of varieties, but Telmo has focused his work here on the native variety, Godello. This grape has a distinctive and exhilarating profile that comes through in Telmo Rodriguez's Gaba do Xil. The flavors feature a dominant mineral note, surrounded by a complex array of peaches, limes, flowers, and even herbal and spice notes. The texture of the wine grabs your attention as well, with a round and almost viscous body that finishes with clean and vibrant notes. [+]