Garfield B. Simms Ph.D.

Garfield Simms' litigation practice focuses on complex technologies involving digital imaging, digital cameras, electronic sensors, electronic commerce, data caching, bar code readers, and power management systems in electronic devices. In addition, he has prosecuted trademark and patent applications and counseled clients regarding intellectual property rights for semiconductor devices and processes, internet security systems, medical diagnostic equipment, electromechanical and mechanical devices, biometric identification systems, and electronic circuits.

Garfield's recent representations include defending IBM in a patent infringement case relating to management of data caching on computer networks, as well as Eastman Kodak against Sony Corporation in a patent infringement lawsuit involving 27 patents related to digital image processing, compression and storage, and CCD structure and operation in digital cameras. He is also among a group of lawyers that defended VIZIO, a leading digital television manufacturer, in a patent lawsuit filed by Funai before the International Trade Commission and Customs and Border Protection. [1]