In the Montebelluna area of Northern Italy where Garmont is based, the threads of footwear heritage weave through most homes, most families, most generations. In our case, an unbroken lineage of five generations is the foundation of a long-standing, highly respected development and production operation. For as long as production line footwear has been made, and for a few generations prior to that, the continuity of operating in this same area directed by members of the same family has resulted in a purity of mission. For over 140 years, Garmont has had one primary focus: innovative, functional, quality outdoor footwear. [+]

Garmont North American specializes in footwear and gear for ski mountaineering, alpine free-riding, telemark, and backcountry skiing... plus mountaineering, backpacking, and hiking. With their anatomically directed design, Garmont's goal is to create a point of contact between technology and nature. Garmont caters to those that wish to challenge the elements, to go beyond, on foot.

Garmont is committed to creating products for the skiers who demand the best downhill performance in any terrain. Garmont's mission is simple - to produce functional footwear to satisfy the wide range of ambition and spirit in backcountry adventures. Five generations of the Morlin family produced footwear in the shadows of the Dolomites have honed this approach. Craftsmanship, quality, passion, technical innovation, and human form and spirit; these are the foundation stones of Garmont.

The three main performance priorities that Garmont designs for are: Water resistance, load carrying capability and terrain. Garmont focuses on these and many more to create the perfect boot for you, for any terrain, on any mountain you dare challenge yourself to. This is the Garmont promise.