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geeKs & azWHOLEz

Dubbed as “the NEW way to do music” geeKs & azWHOLEz holds the future of hip hop in their hands. Visually represented by dual-identity keyboardist & producer, Niqkewayz (@niqulus_maximus) and energizer lyricist Brand1 the BEAST (@brand1thebeast), the duo create a hip hop experience infused with ingredients of rock & electro genres. What may appear to be a two-man powerhouse of musical geekology, the trans-genred band is in actuality a collective (hence the WHOLE) of super-talented, autodidactic, indie artists specializing in a plethora of trades. Birthed out of a simple phrase, “phuck the fourmat,” geeKs & azWHOLEz not only serves as a musically eargasmic adventure for cannabis friendly audiences alike, but also as an innovative movement in support of the underground music world. Check out geeKs & azWHOLEz on twitter @geeks_azwholez. For booking: [+]