<> Gene Sterling <>
(Out of North East Iowa )
Has Noticed Something Missing in Music These Days...
In this Era of the Over-Hyped 'Talent' Show, Instant Pop Star & Viral Videos
Something Has Gotten Lost Along the Way....
<> The Song! <>
Gene Sterling's Musical Style Strips Away the Visual Gimmicks
Synthetic Performances & Digital Productions
….only to Un-Earth the Bare Boned Song!*
w/the Roots of His Music Burrowing Deep into the Origins of Rock & Roll
<> Gene Sterling Reminds Us <>
All That is Needed to Make a Rock & Roll Hit?
….A Catchy Riff & Clever Lyrics
w/only His Guitar & Voice Gene Sterling Brings Substance Back to
Rock & Roll Music...
<> w/the Deceptively Simple Song <>
Catch Gene Sterling's Latest Hits Right Here...LIVE! [+]