Giants and Toys

Genres stutter when trying to describe the Alabama-based Giants and Toys’ inescapably honest and raw rock ‘n’ roll. A product of five independently influenced musicians melding as one creates an amalgamation of sounds that plunges the listener into the middle of the band’s melodically organized chaos. The dark humor of “Blue Cars,” the race to the finish “yell-a-long” of “Johnny,” and the damage farewell of “What Ends Well” showcased in The Strand EP give a tip of the iceberg for the band’s potential. Meeting at the University of Montevallo, the group acquired a dedicated following of students looking for a band to call their own. Shows at Eclipse and the Main Street Tavern were the group’s proving ground, where they shot confetti, got the people dancing, and rocked themselves into a frenzy. Giants and Toys has since expanded their influence into the musically rich neighboring city of Birmingham by performing at the Birmingham Arts and Music Festival, opening for garage-rock heroes The Whigs, and sharing the stage with Nashville’s Modoc at the recently opened Iron City. Keep an eye on these guys and be sure to hold on. The ride has just begun.
- Chris Davidson [+]