Giro Field Womens Goggles

When you want to see it all, you want to be wearing the Giro Field Goggles. These goggle boast spherical lenses by Zeiss ensuring that you have the greatest optical clarity when you're tearing down the mountain. With a design specifically for women, these goggles will fit and feel right. For comfort, you'll have the Triple Layer Face Foam with Micro Fleece Facing nestled nicely on your face. On the lenses, there is an Anti-Fog Coating which will help reduce the chances of your glasses fogging up. Another defense against pesky fogging is the Field's seamless compatibility with Giro Helmets. This compatibility allows for air to move and therefore reduce any clouding up. Finally, there's the Expansion View Technology which offers an unprecedented field of vision making the Giro Field Goggles simply a must-have for any all-mountain adventurer wanting to see the big picture. [+]