Glastonbury Festival Tales (book)


Over the years Glastonbury has swollen in size from an event with a mere 5,000 visitors in 1970 to a mammoth 'city in the fields' attracting over 100,000 paying customers and over 40,000 performers, workers and site staff. This book will be told in the stories and largely unseen photographs of all these people who have contributed to, performed at or simply been part of the Glastonbury phenomenon since it began. Michael Eavis, the organiser and owner of the Somerset farm where the festival takes place, will talk alongside his closest friends and family about the beginnings of Glastonbury and its development. In this book you will hear from the melting pot of people that make Glastonbury such a unique and remarkable event including Bob Dylan, the Man with the Hundred Foot Arms, Chris Martin, David Bowie and the legendary engineer who is in charge of waste disposal for the tented city.It will be an oral history from everyone involved; those who understand the importance of the festival, not just as the best live music festival in the country but also as a cultural and social event like no other. This will be the definitive book for everyone who has ever been or wanted to go to Glastonbury. [1]