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Gnu Velvet Gnuru EC2 BTX Womens Snowboard 2016

If you want one board in your arsenal that can do it all then you'll want the one-quiver Gnu Velvet Gnuru EC2 BTX Snowboard. This award-winning ride has it all. From style to tech, this Velvet Gnuru will have you playing in the park and carving into the mountain all day long. Built with a wood core, you'll have a smooth-riding, tough-as-nails board that gives you plenty of pop while keeping the weight down. The EC2 BTX profile means you have rocker between your feet and camber on the tip and tail so you can kill everything, ride and turn easily and even float in some powder. The Magne-Traction .5 will carve into anything, including ice, and give you an incredible edge hold. UHMW Sidewalls makes the Velvet Gnuru bombproof so you can hit the rails, boxes and more without your board busting up. The Twin All Terrain Freestyle design makes your desire to do it all a possibility. If you only want one board and want something smooth, reliable, high-performance and stylish, then look no further than the Gnu Velvet Gnuru EC2 BTX Snowboard. [+]