Going Against the Grain (book)

Plot Summary:

REISSUED WITH A BEAUTIFUL NEW LOOK, A PERFECT NOVEL FOR FANS OF MAEVE HARAN AND PATRICIA SCANLAN Louis isn't sure where her life took the wrong turning, but it's not shaping up as well as she might have hoped. She's just turned thirty-two, her job as a party planner - the latest in a long line of occupations - might kindly be described as not her natural forte, and she watches helplessly as her dynamic elder sister charges up the career path. The only road Louise seems to be on is the one paved with good intentions. Scatty, disorganised, bad at co-ordinating her wardrobe, Louise resolves that it's time to get it together - even her boyfriend is part-time. But then she discovers she's succeeded at one thing: getting pregnant... [1]