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Gracias, Pero NO Gracias (G'PNG)

A DC-based power trio born in early 2012, Gracias, Pero No Gracias (G,PNG for short) draws heavily from Joy Division, Black Sabbath and A Perfect Circle. GPN,G creates an energetic yet melancholy amalgam of styles from guitarist Juan Carlos Fonseca's Metal-informed riffs, bassist Graham Guenther's Folk/Funk solid yet melodic lines, and drummer Kevin Ebberts's Post-punk/Prog relentless pounding . The group's themes and technicality fit the bill for a heavy-progressive group, but find difficulty labeling themselves. Asking each member individually, you may get three different answers: "Metal", "Prog", "Is 'Post-Punk-Proto-Funk' a thing?" Label them however you want, but expect technical solos, intricate yet approachable beats, and funkalicious bass lines that will get you moving. Progressive lndie-core?
Keep posted for new music and more shows...thanks for listening
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