Greenkeeper Line M Up Pro Putt Positioning System

GreenKeeper's Line M Up Pro Putt Positioning System provides multiple marking options, allowing you to sink more putts, hit more fairways, and save strokes instantly. It serves as both a playing and training Aid. Used as a playing aid, the Line M Up Pro conforms to USGA and R&A Rules and is legal to use in competition to help you align your putts and tee shots to improve your score. Used as a training aid, it gives you a visual guide when putting. When a good stroke is made, the line on the ball appears straight as it rolls. When poorly struck, the line will appear to wobble. When a pure putt is made (no wobble) with the proper speed and it misses the hole, you can identify a missed read to improve your green reading skills. The Line M Up Pro Putt Positioning System comes with the ball alignment tool, marker, and ball marker. [+]