Guesthouse Tokiwa

Walk at 5th station. Start from 10am and back to Tokiwa at 1pm. Only in the weekdays of May, June, September and October. For weekend, please use the bus.

Let’s enjoy the beautiful scene of Mount Fuji, Sunrise around the Lake. Only in Sunny day.
Depart from Tokiwa one hour before sunrise and back to Tokiwa after two hours.
Start from 10 Nov to 20 Apr 2016. Please come and visit to Fujinomiya.

Guest house Tokiwa Summer Drive. Only in July and August and early September.
Owner Daisuke will drive you to Mt. Fuji 5th station for those people who want to climb Mount Fuji or just want to do short sightseeing on 5th station. (One way for climbers and round trip for sight seeing. For climbers, please use bus or taxi to come back to guest house.
We depart from Tokiwa 5:30 am every morning and arrive 5th station at around 6:40 am, will stop at convenience store on the way. 1000yen for one person. We stay at 5th station for 30 minutes for sight seeing, you can enjoy the beautiful view from there.
After the short stay at 5th station, we leave there at around 7:15 am and come back to Tokiwa at around 8:15.
*If you would like to go to 5th station at different time or by yourselves, please use the shuttle bus departs from Fujinomiya Station.*

Guesthouse Tokiwa's fifty year old building will conjure memories and awaken nostalgia for the great Showa era in Japan, and will offer you relaxation and a familiarity that will remind you of a childhood visit to Grandma's house.

Situated right in the heart of Fujinomiya City, Guesthouse Tokiwa is conveniently located just steps from Fujinomiya railway station on the JR Minobu Line, making access a breeze.

Fujinomiya City is of course famous for its proximity to Mt. Fuji (which was recently granted designation as a UNESCO World Heritage Site), but it also boasts many other historical locations including the SengenShrine, one of the most beautiful in Shizuoka prefecture. Fujinomiya City also offers a multitude of other attractions that you may visit during your stay that will give you a sense of true Japan.

Guesthouse Tokiwa is perfectly positioned for those looking for a place to enjoy both sightseeing as well as taking in all that Japanese culture can offer. Please come visit beautiful Mt. Fuji and enjoy your stay with us.