Formed in the summer of 2010 by Juan Rojo and Patrick Gunderson, H1N1 started in high school as a new metal project that would combine the elements of industrial and groove metal as well as a hint of punk and thrash. Once Marq Pointer joined the Band as vocalist, and Armando Saenz as bassist, the 4 piece started taking off playing any venue in the area that they could with them all being under 21. As the years went on changes in membership with Armando leaving for the army, the band took a break where Patrick focused on his project, Slug Shell, and Juan with Eden. In time, a new lineup debuted in 2015; Juan Rojo on drums, Patrick Gunderson on lead guitar and backing vocals, Marq Pointer on lead vocals, Justin Mack on rhythm guitar and backing vocals, and after 4 years in the Army Armando Saenz returned on bass. With the current lineup, H1N1 has a sounded heavier than ever that delivers a sonic punch to the face. In early 2016 we are recording a new demo with Shane Olivo at Bobby Peru studio to get the new heavier sound of H1N1.

All of the H1N1 Demo Tracks were recorded at Howl Street Recording by Shane Hochstetler except for the Intro track which was recorded at Patrick’s House on his Computer. Sample used on the intro credited to Jake Kulp.