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Hail The Revolt

2006 marked a year where the pieces of the puzzle would emerge to start an experiment that would eventually evolve into what is now known as Hail The Revolt! Back in 06', Cameron, Jake, and Justin formed a band called "Open 24" that very quickly went from a garage band to a group that would go on to share the stage with national acts such as Firelight, Kids In The Way, Everyday Sunday, and many more! In the midst of it all, they eventually picked up Heather (bass) which would become the final piece to complete the band. Over time, many changes have occured with band names, lineups, and even sounds and style, but now the original lineup is back again and this time they mean business!

Hail The Revolt is a band that takes the best parts of all the rock/metal you like and fuses them together to form a unique sound that catches the ear of anyone who listens. Metal riffs, hardcore breakdowns, catchy choruses, and emotional melodies are all but some elements you are guaranteed to hear when you listen to their songs like "Phoenix", "Children of Secrets", and "Won't Let You Down." HTR is currently wrapping up their first solid EP called 'The Fight Is On" and is due to be released mid January. As the schedule is already beginning to be booked for 2012, make sure to catch them live at a venue nearest you! [+]