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Harley Bourbon

Harley Bourbon has the outlaw country spirit of story telling and old time memory, steeped in whiskey and blended with punk rock. The four members, emerged from the different corners of Arizona, Oregon, Washington and California, and were fated to find each other in Bend to create something completely original and authentic. With Avery James Graveman on the drum throne, the infectious resonance of the old L.A. punk scene seeps into the mix, where it is met by Nolan the Party Panther Thompson on the upright bass, adding the cow-punk flavor of the southwest to make a truly tasty rhythm section. Manning the electric guitar is Portland native Sam Fisher, bringing the perfect crunch to the sound while supplying the insatiable solos that tantalize the eardrums and take you back to the days of rock and roll's past, when a lead guitar riff could actually move you. This rugged crew is helmed by Johnny Bourbon, who howls his stories of struggle and love from the bottom of his soul through a throat of smoke and gravel over a distressed acoustic guitar. Together, they create an irresistibly rowdy sound that can get everyone moving, from country folks to punk kids, and everyone in between. [+]