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Haus Am Markt Riesling Piesporter Michelsberg 2013

Riesling is Germanys most popular grape and in Mosel that commitment truly shows. Terraced vineyards along the Mosel River are among the most labor intensive and dangerous in the world. The use of modern technology is limited by the geography. The result is the product of patience and tradition to deliver only the finest German Riesling. These are all Pradikatswein, the highest level of quality in Germany. Piesporter is a wine named for the village of Piesport in the north of the Mosel wine region. It is one of the oldest wine regions in Germany, with Roman wine vessels found in the region that date back to the 4th century. Over the years Piesporter Michelsberg has received a negative reputation due to artificially high sugar and alcohol levels. But Haus am Markt is committed to producing a true Piesporter to showcase the potential of this historic region. This Piesporter is light and fresh, with mellowed acidity with a delicious sweetness. Soft notes of peach and pear on the palate. [+]