Head Super Joy Womens Skis with 11 SLR Bindings 2016

The Super Joy is a perfect ski for the intermediate all the way to expert skier that wants a lightweight ski that is very stable when making short to medium radius carves on the frontside of the mountain. The Super Light Weight Distribution Construction and Carbon KOROYD-Carbon Core is one of the lightest Constructions of skis ever created, but just because the Super Joy is so lightweight, it is incredibly stable and easy to ski. In addition to the other lightweight technology Head has developed a material called Graphene that has a very high strength to weight ratio, while only being a single molecule thick. The Super Joy has Allride Rocker that has rocker in the tip for quick and easy turn initiation and camber underfoot for edge hold and stability. The Women's Specific Camber underfoot is lower so it takes less weight or energy to engage the ski while turning. The 75mm waist is very nimble and easy to steer into short turns to control your speed while you rip down a freshly groomed blue run. If you are an intermediate looking for lots of performance, or an expert skier looking for value, the Head Super Joy is the ski for you. [+]