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Heelys Straight Up Holiday

Make a fashion statement with shoes that roll. Once you lace up The Heelys Straight Up Shoes, you're ready to take on a whole new level of street movement that is within your control. These powerful, lightweight athletic shoes feature a single wheel housed in the heel, allowing athletes of all skill levels to walk, run and transition to a roll at any moment. Roll it out in an area that suits your needs or simply remove the wheel and transform your Heelys into a pair of fashionable street shoes. Bring freestyle walking and riding to a whole new level. Staying on your board is one way to achieve a smooth ride - as Heelys offers you a sidewalk sport of rolling without a board in a footwear line that locks your feet where they need to be. Active kids can now focus on their skills and not keeping their feet on their board. These high-performance shoes provide traction for action. [+]