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HeistClick: Heist / ‘hist / (1865) 1 slang: to lyrically commit armed robbery. Click / ‘klik / (1581) 1 to succeed.Their trademark: “No bullshit, No Gimmicks.” Their attitude: “We mean Business.” From the heart of hip-hop and the depths of rock-and-roll soul, the alternative hip-hop group HEISTCLICK brings you the next evolution in music. Alternative hip-hop refers to groups that refuse to conform to any of the traditional stereotypes of rap, such as gangsta, funk, bass, hardcore and party rap. HEISTCLICK embodies the hip-hop essence with a rock star attitude. Fusing heart-pumping rock beats and hip-hop inspired lyrics, HEISTCLICK appeals primarily to alternative music fans. This International -based group is comprised of 2 emcees: FRANK CASTLE a.k.a. FACEMAN, & Mr Burns. Along with other artists that are in the Heist Life Entertainment Family. Mr Burns is the successful owner/operator of Music B4 money records based out of Lindsay On, Canada [+]